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Chief Project Manager

Michael has a unique ability to secure trust and offer impartial insights. His commercial experience in a variety of different businesses and cultures worldwide further differentiates his capabilities.

Michael has been valuable in developing lines of thinking that may not have been previously considered. He is good at objectifying situations and creating a structure to evaluate them from the perspectives of different stakeholders in order to open up alternative lines of thought and potential alternative solutions.

I think any ambitious executive who is aware of their ongoing need for further development and insight would benefit from Michael’s services.



General Manager Food Beverage
SKYCITY Auckland Ltd.

I started with Michael at stage of my career where I felt that I have exhausted my technical learning path and was at a “dead end.” Initially I was a bit sceptical engaging an external advisor and coach largely due to my self-righteous approach to dealing with people around me. I guess my ability to self reflect was also not one of my strengths. After few fairly frank discussions we got down to identifying what I had to work on.

Michael’s patience and the clarity of message around my challenges have been fundamental to my learning and indeed acceptance of the need to change from a manager to a better leader. The effects of my learning were felt almost immediately within the business. Michael’s practical approach of offering alternative pathways for solutions has had a lasting effect on my life and I now better understand myself.

I would recommend Michael to any professional looking to become a better leader and manager.


General Manager, Group HR
Super Retail Group

I have known and worked with Michael over four years, and will continue this working relationship.

In my previous senior executive role with Echo Entertainment Group, I had a number of senior executives who had development opportunities, significant enough to limit their potential. After working with Michael, every executive improved dramatically, and the synergy within the team improved our overall performance. The executives improved their strategic and leadership capability, learnt to delegate more effectively, and now provide truly inspirational leadership. A number have since gone on to much larger roles and have become very successful.

Michael also challenged the way I worked, and enabled me to think differently. With this new found confidence I have taken on a new role with greater responsibility. I have truly benefited from his mentorship and I would highly recommend him.

Michael understands business and is brilliant at executive level coaching.


Managing Partner
MGI Accountants

Michael was recommended to us to facilitate our strategic planning process. We needed a different approach to the business plan and also had some issues associated with differences between some partners in the company. Michael used a different way to facilitate and address both the strategic business and people issues which allowed us to gradually get back on the right track.

It’s been great to have Michael help us improve the way we make decisions, run our board meetings and improve the way we develop our performance culture. He provides useful business advice, supports our ongoing leadership development and has been great supporting me personally in my role as MD.
I recommend Michael to organisations looking to further corporatise and grow.