Evolve makes businesses more business-like through clarity of business purpose and strategy and effecting behavioural change of owners and executives.



Our thinking on individual and team performance is that for performance to be sustainable and extraordinary, it must evolve and not transform, be evolutional and not transformational.  Although transformational change can deliver improvements quickly, in our experience they are often not sustained. Evolution to us means that change is constant and permanent rather than quick and temporary. 

With this philosophy evolve was established in 2004 to help and guide medium and large businesses to commercialise in order to enhance and sustain growth.


Our values are at the core of everything we do. The acronym ‘GAP’ signifies our philosophy in better understanding how to evolve extraordinary performance of businesses and executives.


Growth & Learning

This means we:

  • Truly listen to understand and challenge to find better ways.

  • Apply higher order thinking to address higher order challenges and achieve desired outcomes.


This means we:

  • Surface the issues that need to be addressed.

  • Provide practical, pragmatic and highly trusted advice respectfully and sensitively.

Purpose & Vision

This means we:

  • Ensure everything we do is aligned to our higher order purpose of evolving extra ordinary performance.

  • Serve each other and our clients and achieve movement consistent with defined outcomes.


Michael James - Director


Michael is a specialist at making businesses more business-like.  He commercialises and corporatises SME businesses through his professional business advisory, coaching and workshop facilitation services to executives and boards of organisations in both private and publicly listed environments.

He has a track record of growing organisations’ revenue, profit and market share in Professional Services, Property, Engineering, Transport, Manufacturing and Resource industries. Michael has had broad international experience in managing businesses in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

As a senior executive and CEO, he has reported to boards of some of the largest organisations in Australia including Orica (ICI), BHP, QLD Rail and Cardno.

He is also an Accredited Executive Coach (AEC) and accredited practitioner with The Leadership Circle and Human Synergistics to use specific transformational tools.

Michael has passion and professional interest in the areas of personal development and delivering results. evolve is the marriage of both.

Find Michael on Linkedin

 or www.michaeljames.com.au